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We are a Web design agency based in Leicester building and maintaining websites and developing web designs for over 15 years. New Time Media has established itself within a wide selection of fields with a multitude of different clients and practices. These have ranged from small promotional points to client maintained data management systems. With a high degree of specialist areas within web design, website promotion and information management New Time Media can help you develop and maintain a strong position within your given marketplace. This may include but not limited to Web Design, Website Development, Database Management or bespoke functionality integrating all the latest social media outlets.

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Starting your website with New Time Media


Our initial aims when dealing with any prospective client is to determine and understand your expectations and how best to translate this into an online presence. We can advise on what technologies are best suited for your requirements, while helping you avoid the inevitable pitfalls that can be associated with the use of certain technologies.

We can assist in the design process through to hosting and managing your entire online space. We offer exceptionally competitive prices while maintaining the highest of standards and services where it counts most.


Responsive Web Design

mobile devices and desktop

Having a responsive website that can cater for multiple viewpoints has become almost essential if your target audience is accessing your services via mobile devices.

We offer very competitive rates in responsive web design from bespoke builds to creating a responsive version of your current website. With existing clients where applicable we have added this functionality as part of their ongoing packages. Call today to find out how to convert your current website design to be responsive or alternatively to start a completely new website design for your company/project.

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Firefox logo with text and 100 title

Firefox 100

There are many different browsers available from Google’s dominant Chrome to the Opera browser each with their own approach to delivering webpage’s. Mozilla’s Firefox however has always been a personal favourite in the office. The default browser on most Linux installs and one that has always been installed first on the office computers running Windows […]

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Windows 11 Pushing Bing Search Harder and Harder

When Windows 10 came out it was clear that Microsoft was trying its hardest to push Bing as the default search engine when browsing the internet, with the intention of slowly turning people away from the likes of Google to its own search engine. When installing Windows 10 one of the first things lots of […]

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Sales and Mentoring from The Sales Rainmaker

If you are looking to improve your sales and sales approach then there’s no better place to start than the Sales Rainmaker website. The brainchild of Jeremy Jacobs. As a long term client, Jeremy approached New Time Media to build and maintain his Sales Rainmaker project. The Sales Rainmaker website gives online users sales advice […]

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The Business Challenges Ahead

There is an ever growing reliance on company’s digital presence being more and more important to the survival of a business/project; requiring a continual interaction with customers and associates through the many forms of online communications. Social media is nothing new and has since 2009 continued to play an ever more important role in companies […]