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man walking do with sales rainmaker logo above

Sales and Mentoring from The Sales Rainmaker

If you are looking to improve your sales and sales approach then there’s no better place to start than the Sales Rainmaker website. The brainchild of Jeremy Jacobs. As a long term client, Jeremy approached New Time Media to build […]
Black, yellow and white logo of baker and soars plumbing supplies

Leicester based Baker & Soars joins New Time Media

We are pleased to be working closely with Baker & Soars plumbing merchants an established plumbing merchant situated in the heart of Leicester; serving the local and UK marketplace. In an ever competitive marketplace Baker & Soars have continued to […]
Jane Compton Management logo encased with a purple circle

Artist Management Compton Management joins New Time Media stables

We are very excited about working with our latest client Compton Management who specialize in artist led management services. Compton Management have a host of celebrity figures from the Chemmy Alcot the fastest women on ski’s, Caroline Feraday newsreader and […]
Spitting Image logo from the ITV show

Steve Nallon rolls into New Time Media

If the name is not instantly recognizable then I’m sure the characters Steve has played will remind you of the man behind the act. Steve is best known for his impersonations and satire of the former Prime minister Lady Margret […]

ZX Spectrum Imagine and Ocean

Games for the ZX Spectrum, Imagine Software and Ocean Software house go head to head for the Christmas number 1. Imagine with Bandersnatch and Ocean with Hunchback 2. Original documentary on BBC 2 1984