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There are many different browsers available from Google’s dominant Chrome to the Opera browser each with their own approach to delivering webpage’s. Mozilla’s Firefox however has always been a personal favourite in the office. The default browser on most Linux installs and one that has always been installed first on the office computers running Windows installs.

Today it reached a milestone when updating, having reached version 100. There have been many changes and improvements in that time evolving like so many browsers with the changes in the way we work on the internet and the way in which the internet delivers information.

Firefox update screen from within the browser

Reminiscing when thinking of these changes it seems hard to remember a time without Firefox. Firefox was the first browser (with the exception of Opera) to give users a respectable alternative to the once dominant Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

One of the first things that both Opera and Firefox promoted heavily was tabbed browsing where a user could visit another website without having to start a completely separate browser. One can’t imagine trying to navigate websites these days without this feature. Under the hood Firefox has always been slick delivering pages at speed. And most importantly it’s always been free and open source and never been one to spy on what its users are doing.

So if you are one of those users who have never used Firefox and are locked into the world of Chrome or Safari then why not give Firefox a try today? If you ask those that do use it daily I’m sure they could give you a hundred reasons to do so.


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ssimon duran Date:09-05-2022 03:10:06

Used Firefox since version 3.5 doesn't seem that long ago. Great browser!!

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