Tradesman insurance – increased interest leads to further development

📅  February 25, 2013 | Web Design and Technology News

Tradesman standing side by side with insurance logo aboveEssential Risk Solution is a commercial insurance broker in the heart of Leicester and one of our long term clients. The recent surge in online insurance has been interesting to watch while giving an indication as to where the insurance industry is moving. We certainly would not suggest that we will see a day when business insurance will be brought and finalized over a coffee on your latest smart phone but current trends are suggesting that more people are using the online avenues over face to face insurance buying.

As part of our ongoing relationship ERS Insurance and NewTimeMedia have looked to further enhance and develop the overall concept and approach of the current site. As a portal that already delivers a large amount of insurance services and online purchases it has become clear that some aspects could be more visual catered for due to the increase in policies that are available within certain areas.

One of the areas of interest is tradesman insurance an increasingly diverse and popular form of online policies. The ongoing support from NewTimeMedia will consist of overall guidance on online marketing directives while support ERS in its online social marketing efforts.  This will consist of Twitter and Google support and advice and additional interactive formats for the ERS online experience. Together ERS and NewTimeMedia will monitor and act on the marketing outcomes of these new and existing policies.




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