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There is an ever growing reliance on company’s digital presence being more and more important to the survival of a business/project; requiring a continual interaction with customers and associates through the many forms of online communications.

Social media is nothing new and has since 2009 continued to play an ever more important role in companies overall marketing strategies. It would today be inconceivable not to interact with potential clients and existing clients through digital interaction either through a visual presence of a website or through regular interaction with social media options. The challenge for companies is where and how to achieve the best results from the time spent using the media avenues available.

The basic requirement for marketing still exists (albeit in a different format) the traditional concepts are still true; what ROI (Return on Investment) of my time will I get from these areas of marketing?

Depending on your type of business or project the requirements will be different and require different frequency of interaction and will be dependent on several factors from the competitive nature of your field of business to the need to be consistent with external events or actions that you participate in. That said a regular interaction in the world of social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin is important as these areas have a short shelve life due to the volume of information placed on them daily. If however your Twitter account is a simple information point for details about changes or updates about your company this maybe enough to keep customers informed and up to date about your services. If on the other hand it is a marketing outlet then a lack of interaction could mean that you are missing opportunities to sell or promote your products and services.

So as you plan your marketing budget you should seriously consider the digital footprint you display to customers and visitors to your services and set aside time and money accordingly to cover these areas.


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