Web Design MDM Vehicles


Project overview

As a delivery company of cars and vans MDM’s internet presence was short of what the overall companies position in the market was. They therefore looked to enhance there presence with a new website and an overhaul of there social media presence. A visual presence in Google was also important as their current website did not appear for any of the search terms that were reflected by competitors in the same market.

The first part of our job was to look at building a new website that would not only help with their internet presence but also become a vocal point of the marketing and recruitment of the firm.

After several meetings and brainstorming we came collectively to a new design that would incorporate the services that the company offers while adding new functionality that would allow visitors to the site to gain information instantly without the need to contact the company directly. The most important of these was a quote system for deliveries. This is prominent on the homepage and is the first thing a visitor sees when landing on the website with an additional quote system available to showrooms and trade.

Recruitment is also a big part of the companies day to day running sourcing and hiring trade plate drivers to complete the ever growing number of clients that use the company. To assist this it is now possible for perspective employees to make an initial enquiry through a feed back form with a further set of forms for a more in-depth details should the company wish to pursue the interest further.

Website Screenshots