Web Design Geoff Burch


Project overview

A Business Guru, TV Presenter, Speaker and international best selling author Geoff Burch needs no introduction for some. Having built a website previously for Geoff it was pleasing to be ask again to look at his brand and come up with a new website that would best promote his services while giving scope for expansion.

Having strong content from the offset and a close working relationship with Geoff it was a pleasure putting together the site. As Geoff’s books are available from all corners of the internet a book shop was add mainly to allow fans of Geoff to order signed personalized books through a simple integration of PayPal. Each of his books are represented with a single page themed around the books designs.

Geoff Burch also likes to make videos at home discussing the business pitfalls and solutions to business related problems while giving pro tips on how to be successful in business. We therefore added a YouTube styled video page to the website from which locally hosted videos on the site can be viewed with the addition of YouTube videos and many other formats that can be viewed easily in one place.

As Geoff is about business knowledge a blog was seen as an essential addition to the site allowing Geoff to write regular pieces about situations and solutions within the field of business.

Website Screenshots