Web Design Essential Risk Solutions - Commercial Insurance Broker


Project overview

With a large amount of comparison websites appearing over the last few years insurance and the services related to those areas have become widely accepted amongst consumers. A Commercial Insurance Broker would not traditionally see a format such as the internet as a place to do serious business. ERS on the other hand have embarked on a serious investment into their online presence and wished to ensure that the correct message was being given to the customer while being an informative place of insurance based articles.

To start this process we firstly sat down with the companies CEO and discussed the possible avenues for the site to take that would be within the scope of the brief. Un-like a traditional viewpoint of an insurance company ERS were egger to embrace the power of social media from Twitter to LinkedIn they were interested in covering all of these areas and subsequently introduced these into their marketing plan.

New Time Media has continued to work closely with ERS to help them with their online presence and continues to deliver a service that encompasses the company's long term vision and position on the internet.

Website Screenshots