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Project overview

Hotel Maiyango is a unique boutique hotel in the heart of the Leicester City center. Considered one of the finest boutique hotels outside of London. New Time Media were originally asked to view the current online presence and give advice to the best way forward with regards to their online bookings and representation of the company as a whole.

After now working with the company for over 8 years together Maiyango and New Time Media have developed three different version of the website. Complementing each design with new developments in the field of web design and functionality that has developed to cater for the different aspects of the company as they have evolved over our time working together.

The current site incorporates a responsive design enabling a seamless transition from mobile, pad and desktop views of the site. The latest version also includes functionality that not only complements the activities of the company but also address new features of search engines and user experience.

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10 January 2018, 4:52 pm

Hotel Maiyango: Under New Ownership

Under New Ownership

Hotel Maiyango is now under new ownership and owned by Bright Developments Ltd and is managed by hotel management specialist, Then Hospitality. Then Hospitality bring years of experience of operating a wide variety of...