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Project overview

Specialist Speakers are a leading Speaking Agency With a reputation that commands the highest of respect. Specialist Speakers Director approached New Time Media as he wished to represent the organisation online.

With a host of celebrities, political and business figures Specialist Speakers were keen to ensure their online presence reflected their current position in the speaker market.

After consultation with the organisations senior members New Time Media set about the task of creating a system that when complete, would incorporate over 4000 speaker profiles. SEO was an important factor for the business however just as important was the functionality of the site allowing visitors to view content and media within a few clicks. The system also required addition artwork to be created that would not only represent the current image of the business but also be coherent within the final web design.

Website Screenshots

19 March 2019, 11:28 pm

Specialist Speakers: Zanny Minton Beddoes

Zanny Minton Beddoes

Susan ‘Zanny’ Minton Beddoes is the seventeenth editor and first female Editor-in-Chief at The Economist in more than one hundred and seventy years of its illustrious history. Before The Economist Zanny...

19 March 2019, 10:37 pm

Specialist Speakers: Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam is the high profile Political Editor at Sky News. He was formerly Economics Editor for Channel 4 News, and Economics Correspondent at The Observer newspaper. In late 2018 he was appointed to the job of...

19 March 2019, 6:24 pm

Specialist Speakers: Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn Somerset Webb is Editor in Chief of Moneyweek, the UK-based personal finance magazine. She writes also for the Financial Times, Saga Magazine, and Scotland’s Sunday Post. Formerly an institutional broker...

19 March 2019, 1:38 pm

Specialist Speakers: Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha

Fully qualified comedian and fully qualified doctor, Paul Sinha is best known as the Sinnerman on ITV quiz show The Chase. As a standup comedian, he has played every major comedy club in the UK, performed across the...

5 March 2019, 10:54 pm

Specialist Speakers: Marc Ruskin

Marc Ruskin

Marc Ruskin is the author of The Pretender, My Life Undercover for the FBI, a memoir and exposé of the inner workings of the FBI. Marc is a retired FBI Special Agent with twenty-seven years of service, twenty of which...

2 March 2019, 1:08 pm

Specialist Speakers: Nick Timothy

Nick Timothy

Nick Timothy was Theresa May’s joint Chief of Staff from the time of her arrival in Downing Street following the departure of David Cameron, until after the controversial 2017 General Election. Before that time he...

25 February 2019, 3:03 pm

Specialist Speakers: Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell won the UK Young Journalist of the Year Award at the British Press Awards in 2014. Today he is the Motor Industry Correspondent of the Financial Times reporting and speaking with authority on the...

14 February 2019, 3:29 pm

Specialist Speakers: Paul Craven

Paul Craven

Via a career at Schroders, Pimco, and Goldmans, Paul Craven established his business, Craven Partners in 2014. Paul now helps businesses to communicate better, to make better decision-making and to cultivate better...

5 February 2019, 3:12 pm

Specialist Speakers: Gethin Jones

Gethin Jones

In the more than three and a half years Gethin Jones presented BBC TV’s Blue Peter he visited more than thirty countries. He flew with the Red Arrows, barely survived jungle of Bolivia, he had to dodge snappy...

31 January 2019, 10:21 am

Specialist Speakers: Joe Twyman

Joe Twyman

One of the UK’s best known and most respected pollsters, Joe Twyman is co-founder and director of Deltapoll. Joe was Head of Political and Social Research at global public opinion, market research and data...

29 January 2019, 3:06 pm

Specialist Speakers: Marie Le Conte

Marie Le Conte

Marie Le Conte is a French political journalist based in London. She has worked for a range of publications, from the Evening Standard to BuzzFeed News before going freelance in 2017. Since then, she has been writing...

22 January 2019, 1:48 pm

Specialist Speakers: Charles Hendry

Charles Hendry

Charles Hendry was Conservative Member of Parliament for Wealden from 2001-2015 and was UK Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change from May 2010 until September 2012. He was previously the Conservative...

5 January 2019, 12:56 am

Specialist Speakers: Hal Hodson

Hal Hodson

As Tech Correspondent at The Economist Hal Hodson writes on technology across all sections of the title covering everything from face recognition to high voltage power transmission, from AI to innovation in...

14 December 2018, 12:21 am

Specialist Speakers: Fran Scott

Fran Scott

Pyrotechnician and Science Content Developer at The Royal Institution, Fran Scott has become a well-known face on children’s television. Scientist by education and engineer at heart, Fran uses her knowledge to...

13 December 2018, 5:27 pm

Specialist Speakers: Neil Seligman

Neil Seligman

Neil Seligman is the founder of The Conscious Professional, the author of 100 Mindfulness Meditations and one of the UK’s leading experts in mindfulness, wellbeing, happiness, and resilience. In the course of his...