Web Design St Martins House Leicester


Project overview

St Martin’s House Conference center is situated on the outskirts of the city center of Leicester and sits at the side of Leicester Cathedral. With such a clear connection to the Church and Cathedral St Martin’s wanted to ensure its overall image was of an open organization capable of hosting almost any event from a small meeting to a large sized conference. Additional to these facilities the site also houses a luxury wedding venue and kitchens to match.

Originally NewTimeMedia had created the original website for the dioceses as it entered the newly developed St Martin’s House. Its identity has developed and changed since that time and the original site had become cluttered with the continually visual changes of the organization. By 2012 St Martin’s House had established its position in the marketplace as a conference center catering for a whole host of events and activities both small and large. These developments led to the second website for St Martin’s House now placing more emphasis on the Conference Center and the activities tied to the center.

Website Screenshots