Web Design & Development Services

Developing a website, either for commercial or private purposes can be daunting. Often the end result can be disappointing despite your efforts. What just looks pretty may look dated within a matter of months and traffic to the site may be lower than you wanted. New Time Media offer advice prior to development and identify your objectives and requirements, analysing your competitor's sites and building in future proof strategies to offer you advantages long into the future. Our design team can incorporate the skills of market developers and branding experts.

If your website requires copy or your current copy to be enhanced we can offer these services as well. Key to our success, and our highly satisfied clients is our belief that a website should be developed with optimisation and core functionality at its foundations. Issues such as accessibility, efficient hosting and compliance are often overlooked.

We don't expect you to use our services just because we say so; we expect you to have questions - if you don't, you should.



Web Design Process

desktop web design view

Website design is probably the most important decisions you will have to make when looking at acquiring a web presence. From the offset many aspects will need to be considered from the overall look to the functionality of the technologies used.

New Time Media can not only advice on how best to represent your ideas, but also transform those ideas into a fully functioning web site.

Your site can be something entry level to a database driven e-services site, either way you’re in safe hands. New Time Media has over 15 years web design expertise and can help you visually realise your ambitions, while helping you avoid unnecessary pitfalls.



Database & Content Management Services

CRM desktop view

Digital and physical data can be difficult to handle if not available as a collection of data. While marketing and management of your data can be difficult if not conveyed in an easily accessible format. We can offer solutions to many different situations where data management is important to your business. From bespoke management solutions to helping and advising on how to best control your data with either improvements in your current working practices or through database management creation and advice.



Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO is a process of optimizing not only the site, but tailoring its content to be coherent with the overall marketing strategy of the site; making it friendlier to search engine spiders. If your site is already active we can analyse the current material and advise you on the best direction forward.



Internet and Social Media Consultation

Social media icons on a desktop computer

With advisors who are recognised within their respective fields as experts, their knowledge can help you move through the minefield of information and strategies that surround internet marketing. This could be a single consultation looking at your existing marketing/branding strategies to helping you develop your brand from scratch.